For some time now I have wanted to do a personal project on US RT 50, but the fact is my personal and commercial life are blessedly very busy. Taking a trip and documentary of that scale is just a little out of reach right now. So I asked myself what’s the next best thing. Turns out for me the next best thing is right in my backyard and part of it only minutes from my house making access easy. Let’s scale RT 50 down to this interesting little road US RT 11 here in Virginia that seemed way more doable, and I have a small body of work already in my archives to get me on the move. READ MORE AT BOTTOM OF PAGE!!

Hulls Drive-In

There aren't many things left in this day and age that we can share with our children that are also memories of our childhood. I remember very well as a youngster going to the now torn down and gone Skyline Drive in here in my hometown of Waynesboro. We would go on a Saturday night, and on Sunday there was always the flea market. 

Well, Skyline is now gone like so so many of the old drive-ins but not far away near Lexington Va is Hulls. And as they call it “Nation's first non-profit, community-owned drive-in theatre.”

Hulls is a fantastic place for a family getaway double feature I really can not think of a much better way to spend a Friday or Saturday night with loved ones, and for kids, it is a little look and the days of their parent and grandparents weekend fun. 

I could write forever on this, but I will keep it short for now. I do promise to update and ad more in the future I mean all I need is a good excuse to go to the movies :-) 

Learn more about Hulls and the season openers here

Address2367 Lee Hwy, Lexington, VA 24450
OpenedAugust 6, 1950
Former namesLee Drive-In
OwnerHull’s Angels, Inc. (a 501(c)(3) membership organization)

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