For some time now I have wanted to do a personal project on US RT 50, but the fact is my personal and commercial life are blessedly very busy. Taking a trip and documentary of that scale is just a little out of reach right now. So I asked myself what’s the next best thing. Turns out for me the next best thing is right in my backyard and part of it only minutes from my house making access easy. Let’s scale RT 50 down to this interesting little road US RT 11 here in Virginia that seemed way more doable, and I have a small body of work already in my archives to get me on the move. READ MORE AT BOTTOM OF PAGE!!

Antiques all day long

And you can spend an entire weekend here. The Factory Antique Mall in Verona is (according to them) The largest in the world and hey who am I to question this. It is just a 2 min drive of RT11 so it is a don't miss! I can tell you this place is Huge and seems to keep getting bigger with each visit.  On any given visit my wife and I spend 3-5 hours at a time here. And you can certainly find most anything you are looking for or if you are not looking for anything I am guessing you will still find something you can't stop from taking home.

The staff is fantastic and always near with a ring full of keys to help you get your finds, and on most weekends you will even find many of the booth owners there to help you out as well.

I suggest grabbing a roadmap on the way in and have a pen handy for notes. Yes, I said road maps this is the only antique store I have ever visited that the isles are given road names so you can find your way.

If you get the munchies and want to keep shopping well no worries, they have that covered too. There is a great little diner right inside called Tasty Bites, and they will have you fixed up and full in no time.

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50 Lodge Ln #106, Verona, VA 24482
(540) 248-1110

Tasty Bites
 (540) 256-8342